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Data Capture, Data Analysis, Development & Professional IT Support


Digital Pen and Paper Applications

With our Silhouette Software Platform

We convert your paper forms or create new ones and we apply a unique dot pattern enabling the paper for our Digital Pen services.  The pen strokes are captured by an infrared camera in the pen and transferred via bluetooth to a device connected to the internet. Our digital pen server running Silhouette processes the forms, converts the handwriting to data, stores everything in a database and displays the results in a browser based form utility.

The data converted from pen strokes can be edited or validated, and consolidated into our Business Intelligence platform to feed corporate dashboards and management reports.

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Notebooks for Digital Pens

Generic email books ready to use

We have developed a series of Notebooks which can be used by anyone. These books are already printed and can be purchased in small quantities. 

The Email pad is for writing notes and emailing PDF pages, Project Tasks List is to follow up project work, SFiS Notebook is for taking notes while prospecting new customers etc. 

These books can feed our Business Intelligence system and the consolidated data is displayed in various charts.

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Keyboard Forms and Applications

Without Paper, Without Printing

When there is no need to have a paper log or trace, we can convert existing paper forms and design new electronic forms. Or both types, paper forms and electronic forms can be used within the same Silhouette application.

With Silhouette, our in-house software platform, we develop and deploy data capture forms very rapidly for all operating systems and devices. 

The forms are accessed via an internet browser to login, then data is  entered ON-LINE or OFF-LINE. 

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Our Solutions - Their Success

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Grosvenor Engineering Group

“Our company has confidently chosen Destiny Wireless Australia for our field data capture applications. We are using Digital Pens to capture and consolidate data in our backend every day."

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“Destiny Wireless Australia transformed our company by taking us mobile and implementing cloud solutions, which gave our employees the flexibility they needed to work most efficiently. They are also a delight to work with.”

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Douglas Partners

“By really listening to our technology needs, Destiny Wireless Australia provided solutions that fit our unique business model. Their ongoing support and services have been instrumental to our projects.”

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Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia

“Our company has confidently chosen Destiny Wireless Australia for some of our IT needs over many years. They always make sure we’re ahead of the technology curve, and are also very enjoyable to work with.”


Haulotte Australia

“Our company has confidently chosen Destiny Wireless Australia for our Services Documents needs over many years and now for our Pre-Delivery Inspection checklists and Timesheets. They have patiently listened and prototyped with their software tools until we found the best way to improve our business process. A great team to work with!”

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Brisbane City Council

“Destiny Wireless Australia gave our employees and contractors the flexibility they needed to work most efficiently. Their staff experience in providing on site data capture and integrated analytical system allowed us to report and take actions the best we can in maintaining Brisbane City assets for the public to enjoy.”

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Suite 7 Level 4
18 Smith Street
Chatswood NSW 2067

+61 2 9417 5333

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